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About the Women's Squash Association

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The Women’s Squash Association is the global governing body for women’s professional squash.

It is responsible for governance of the WSA World Tour and WSA World Tour tournaments, the welfare of players competing on the WSA World Tour and promotion of professional women’s squash around the world. 

The WSA World Tour comprises 72 events in 25 countries, where a total of 247 players from 42 countries compete for prize-money, ranking points and (where relevant) World Series standings points. 

WSA Key Facts

  • 247 players from 42 countries currently compete on the WSA World Tour
  • The WSA World Tour now boasts 72 events in 25 countries (with Asia, Africa, South America, North American and Australasia all represented) 
  • In the last 20 years, the number of events on the WSA World Tour has grown by almost 70% (69.4% from 22-72) 
  • Total prize-money on WSA Tour is now US$1,450,000
  • Total prize-money on WSA Tour has increased by US$628,725 - a 43% increase - in the last ten years
  • In addition to the 72 WSA Tour events, the WSA also sanctions 19 Challenger-level events in the competitive tier below
  • 60% of the joint WSA/PSA Tour events held in the complete 2012 season paid equal prize-money

Events / Rankings

WSA members gain points by competing in sanctioned events. It is from this accumulation that world rankings are produced, so the twin incentives of money and points drive players to enter. Every time they compete, their ranking is on the line, so all competitions are taken very seriously indeed.

WSA simply has one World Tour, all the events being an integral part.

Each event, whatever the prize fund, will be entitled to use the ''WSA WORLD TOUR'' stamp on its literature, secure in the knowledge that WSA will construct a cohesive international calendar that works for promoters and players alike.

Events are the lifeblood for players - so WSA backs its sponsors and promoters.

Top Athletes

WSA members comprise the best female squash players from around the globe.

Our members are great sportswomen who combine great athleticism with sublime skills. The sport embraces coloured, patterned and attractive clothing. This package and the personalities and appearance of the players themselves ensures that they are well received wherever they compete.

Health, beauty, fashion, financial, business or general consumer items or services - the WSA Tour may be just the vehicle to help you promote and sell.

Courts - Venues

Whether it is a glassback with seating at a club or sports centre, or one of the new generation of TV splendid all glass courts, a women's tournament will be equally successful.

Any type of open space can be used for the all glass - sports hall to shopping mall, marquee to theatre - interest and atmosphere located where the sponsor or promoter wants it.

Staging is flexible, styled to suit.

Working for you

WSA sanctioned events provide many opportunities for a sponsoring companies, clubs, federations and other bodies to use. In addition to the excellent domestic and international media benefits such as TV, radio, and newspapers... product display, client entertainment, space for exhibition, programme editorial and advertising, client/staff events, local community goodwill and the association with a dynamic sport are also all desirable features of a superb all-round package.

WSA plays its part by producing a WSA World Tour listing, circulating all its members with tournament details, processing entries, providing seedings and player biographies, and offering general support and advice.

Many local, national, and multi-national companies have already realised how squash can readily fit into their marketing plans. The number keeps growing.

We help and support organisers and their sponsors.

Media Enthusiasm

WSA World Tour events spark the interest of newspapers, radio and television. Promoters can be sure of coverage when women's squash comes to their town or city. Internationally, through the WSA Media service, we ensure that output on your event, whatever its' prize money level, will reach media agencies, publications, websites etc. throughout the world.

We also have our own international TV programming which already reaches a potential audience of 1.5 billion and features major WSA events and general features around ten times each year.

There is no additional fee for the international WSA results being sent to publications, websites and agencies worldwide, it is all part of the service!

How To Get On Board

Think about women's international squash, realise how linking with WSA can pay promotional dividends. From a small centre to a national body, from a club court to an all glass one, we are sure that a WSA World Tour event will bring benefits to you.

Whatever stage you have reached in considering an international women's squash event why not discuss with us your ideas on format and scale and we will advise you generally and suggest suitable dates. From there, a form to complete, some information to supply, a read through the Promoters Manual, and hopefully all will fall into place.

If all is not instantly clear, don't worry because we are here to help.

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